Nijole has studied the Human Energy Field and Vibrational Healing since 1993. Before that she spent 25 years as the wife of a Marine helicopter pilot, mother of two boys, and moved 19 times in 26 years. Then she began a quest for answers to her life purpose and why certain physical problems existed.

She was not satisfied with how her experience of traditional medicine or "talk therapy" seemed to isolate and treat symptoms but ignore each other; she wanted to understand MORE. She began reading Edgar Cayce, Roslynn Breyuere, and Shirley MacLaine. She eventually found Barbara Brennan's books Hands of Light and Light Emerging and attended a Brennan workshop. Six years later she is a Certified Workshop Leader for the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH is a four-year college in Florida with an additional non-degree branch in Austria). She was on the faculty of this internationally acclaimed premier school for Energy Healing and has completed Hakomi Body Centered Psychotherapy training She uses a variety of sound/alchemical techniques to enhance healings and the integration of new energies.

Nijole strives to empower you by teaching you how to become more conscious of your process of life experience through working with the Human Energy Field, or Aura. Her passion is helping people bridge the perceived gap between the physical and non-physical aspects of the human being by opening to conscious awareness, developing your ability to focus it, and by learning to access internal higher wisdom. This work is transformative and opens you to unlimited creativity and flow of energy that can change your life. Nijole now teaches and works all over the world, and lives in Key West, Florida most of the year.

As an Integrated Energy Healer, Nijole Ladd uses mindful, compassionate presence with Brennan Healing Science, Hakomi, and Sound alchemy to facilitate your unique healing process in all aspects of life experience. Nijole helps you realign old energetic patterns and limitations into new possibilities. This transformational work opens you to unlimited creativity, love, abundance, and joy by recognizing the Co-Creator in YOU. 305-396-2884, nladd@nladd.com


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